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moneygod's Journal

Patricia Wick
23 March
Well, lets see, I am in my thirties, happily married for over 18 years (to the same guy) and mother of two of the best kids in the universe. I also co-habitate with 3 cats.

I am the finance person for 2 science fiction conventions (so moneygod seemed appropriate).

Although I have been around a while and done alot, I do wonder how most of life actually works.

I am dyslexic (but cover for it well).

Below lists interests but no where to list pet peevs. I thought that needed fixing. So the things that tick me off: inconsiderate smokers, litterers, ethnic restraunts that don't have *anything* in the mainstream for 'friends of' to eat (especially bad in Mexican joints), people using words like "fen" or "nophyte" or adding extra "H's" to words - especially annoyed by people that feel superior when they use them, ignorant people, Republicans, Kristians (that is "christians spelled with a K" - you know who I mean).